Glentana Village Recreation Centre

Glentana Village Recreation Centre




Meeting Agreements

A P P R O V E D  B Y  T H E  O W N E R S – O C T O B E R 2 5 , 2 0 1 6

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Speak one at a time
  • Speak only for ourselves
  • Respect time limits
  • Listen carefully and not interrupt
  • Not engage in cross-talk
  • Seek balanced input so no one person dominates
  • Focus on the person who is speaking and address our remarks to the chair
  • Keep a speakers list, and every member will have the opportunity to speak once, before rebuttals are permitted
  • Respect and follow our meeting rules


Rules of Order for General Meetings of the Glentana Village Recreation Centre These simple rules will help us to run good meetings for the GVRC. They are simple to understand and easy to follow. It is important to have a well-structured meeting process. Then it is up to the chair to apply the rules fairly and the voting owner representatives to treat each other with consideration and respect during the meeting. Together we can have productive and enjoyable meetings if we use these rules along with our meeting agreements. Each rule has a purpose. This guide will tell us why it is used and explain how and when to use it in a meeting. Rules of order do not apply to our meetings unless we adopt them as policy. We will hand out copies of our rules of order and meeting agreements at each meeting so that everyone can learn about meeting process and follow what is going on.