Glentana Village Recreation Centre

Glentana Village Recreation Centre


About the GVRC

The Glentana Village Recreation Centre is a small meeting hall available to all Cameo Co-op members. As part owners, we are each entitled to one free rental per month. In return, we all pay $5.50 per month to help maintain the Centre. Rentals may be arranged by CONTACTING US. Detailed rules are available on our Rental Agreements, however, in brief, renters are responsible for the cost of any damage caused, must clean up when finished, and please note that there is no alcohol allowed on the premises.

A bit of history

As a result of negotiations between the developer of “Glentana Village” (an area of what is now View Royal and which includes the Co-op’s property) and the Capital Regional District (which governed the development of View Royal prior to the incorporation of the municipality), the developer agreed to build a community centre for the use of the eventual residents of the Glentana Village properties, and to turn the community centre over to the eventual owners of those lands, in return for the right to develop the lands according to the negotiated plans.

The developer built the GVRC on a separate parcel of land and conveyed it to the first owners of each of the developed parcels - the Co-op, five strata corporations and five single family dwellings (originally to have been six, but the original six lots were consolidated into five). Cameo has the largest interest in the GVRC (a 63/166 or approximately 38% interest) and the single family dwelling owners the smallest (a 12/166 or approximately 0.7% interest each). The strata corporations have interests of 39/166ths (23.5%); 30/166ths (18.1%); 14/166ths (8.4%) and two of 7/166ths (4.2%).

In order to try to provide a mechanism for funding the ownership and maintenance of the GVRC, the developer registered a statutory building scheme over all of the other parcels of land developed into the Co-op, the five strata corporation and the five single family dwellings. The covenant required the owner of the property to pay that proportion of the ownership and maintenance costs and expenses of the GVRC equal to the owner’s proportionate interest in the GVRC. No mechanism was set out for making decisions regarding the maintenance and operation of the GVRC, other than stipulating that no monies were to be expended on the maintenance of the GVRC without the written consent of owners having an aggregate of at least 83/166th interest in the GVRC.

The co-owners, to their credit, made the system work for over 25 years and voluntarily contributed their proportionate shares of the budgetary shortfall. For the Co-op, this amounts to an annual expenditure of about $3,780.00.

The statutory building scheme also required the owners of the subject properties to transfer their interest in the GVRC to whomsoever they sold their interest in their own property. (Notwithstanding this requirement, one owner did not sell their interest in the GVRC when they sold 1615 Glentana Road, and another owner did not sell their interest in the GVRC when they sold 1619 Glentana Road, so that although the current owners of each of those houses is required to contribute to the costs of owning and maintaining the GVRC, they do not own an interest in the GVRC.)

The co-owners of the GVRC (sometimes referred to as “shareholders”) adopted a form of co-ownership agreement in 1999 in the form of written “resolutions”, setting out a mechanism for the governance of the GVRC, including provision for a “Board” representing the owners, the responsibilities of the Board and rules respecting banking, financial matters, meetings of the Board and the “shareholders”, rotating signing authority and the audit of financial accounts. It was the failure of this structure and the mounting frustrations that prompted the Cameo Co-op Board of Directors to re-evaluate the Co-op’s relationship to the GVRC. At a General Meeting of Co-op members, the Cameo Board proposed the idea of managing the business of the GVRC. With the concept supported by Cameo Members, the Board took its proposal to the owners of the GVRC and won their favour as well.

Cameo Co-op has successfully managed the Glentana Village Recreation Centre since 2005. The GVRC Management Committee meets once per month to oversee the operations, which includes the finances, building maintenance, and bookings. Cameo Co-op remains accountable to the shareholders of the GVRC.

GVRC Management Committee

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